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Channel Strips

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Manley CORE

Avalon 737


Building upon its 25-year legacy producing revered recording studio equipment; Manley Labs has distilled its CORE technologies from this lineage. 2014 delivers the Manley CORE, an innovative channel strip that combines Manley’s Greatest Hits with fresh technology. The remarkably intuitive front panel combines musical and forgiving circuitry that allows the musician to concentrate on his performance instead of being lost in a sea of knobs. Ease of use and intelligently chosen operating points make it virtually impossible to cut a bad sounding track!

Vacuum tube triode signal path, transformer balanced microphone input, high-voltage circuits for maximum headroom to +30dB, low noise -92dB, internal discrete power supply with toroidal transformer, soft-start tube life extender, stereo link for compressors, all discrete Class A equalizer with musical passive filter design, sealed silver relays for signal routing, large control knobs with professional conductive plastic potentiometers, VU meter for output level monitoring and compressor gain reduction.

The first API product with an integrated digital output, the A2D contains a pair of API 312 Mic Preamplifiers that feed an A/D section with a set of standard digital interface outputs, multiple sample-rate choices and internal or external clock options. Precise control of both the Analog gain and the level feeding the digital section means that the microphone signal may be kept super-clean if desired or driven harder to achieve the warm, punchy "API sound."

  At the core of the 4-710d are four channels of tone-blending “Twin-Finity” mic preamps. Each channel offers 100% tube and 100% solid-state signal path, as well as the ability to continuously blend between the two circuits. This gives you tons of textures — from creamy to crunchy — and lets you dial in the perfect amount of tube grit or solid-state sheen

The MANLEY VARIABLE MU® LIMITER COMPRESSOR has been our best selling product for many years. It is one of the very few compressors that has become a real standard in Mastering studios and contributed to most hit records over the last decade and probably the next. 

Manley FORCE

Universal Audio 4-710D

Manley Stereo Variable Mu

 From America's premier high-end studio gear manufacturer, the Manley FORCE bursts into 2015 with four channels of vacuum tube microphone preamplifiers extracted from the hugely popular and award winning Manley CORE®, housed in an exquisitely gorgeous chassis, meticulously hand-crafted, purposefully and efficiently California

TLM 103 Neumann sound. Cardioid directional characteristic and very low self-noise.

The Shure SM81 is a high-quality, unidirectional condenser microphone designed for studio recording, 

AKG 414 slight presence boost and impressive spatial reproduction are both similar to the legendary AKG C12 microphone from 1953

The Shure BETA®98AMP is a precision-engineered miniature cardioid condenser microphone for professional studio recording.

The Shure BETA®57A is a high output supercardioid dynamic microphone designed for  project studio recording. 

Sennheiser This was developed specifically for placement directly in front of guitar cabinets, face on, offering 'a particularly direct sound'. 

U87: The Neumann classic. Three directional characteristics and switchable pre-attenuation ensure suitability for a wide range of applications.


KM 184: Neumann (cardioid) in particular has become the classic high-quality miniature microphone. Now also available in attractive stereo sets, with cardioid, hypercardioid or omni directional characteristics.

Mexclas / Ruteo

Características Acústicas

*Yamaha 02R V2 

Sonido legendario, serie Yamaha, 
*Mackie Big Knob

4 Mezclas independientes

AKG K44 , AKG K66

Control: Difusores QRD bidimensionales, Absortores Fonac, Resonadores de placa y Ranurados, Sup. 18m2. 
Sala de Músicos: Difusores QRD, Absortores Fonac, Resonadores de placa, Sup. 24m2.

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